Bishop Elder Rudolph W. Brown


Bishop Elder Rudolph W. Brown 
August 7, 1918 - September 5, 2000

  Forever In My Heart!

    I remember your face

    I remember your smile

    I remember your laugh

    I remember your tenderness

    I remember your prayers

    I remember your teachings

    I remember your messages

    I remember how you protected me

    And I know you still do. . .

    You've been with God for

    20 years

    But the years will never

    Let me forget.

    I will always remember you

    Forever In My Heart!!!

    "The memory of the just is blessed." - Proverbs 10:7


    From Karen on behalf

    Of your loving Wife, Bishop Elaine A. Brown, 

    Children, grandchildren, and church family.

     Precious memories
     Precious memories, unseen angels
     Sent from somewhere to my soul
     How they linger, ever near me
     And the sacred past unfolds
     Precious memories how they linger
     How they ever flood my soul
     In the stillness, of the midnight
     Precious sacred scenes unfold